Sustainability is on everyone's lips: sustainable products, sustainable energy policy, sustainable climate policy, sustainable lifestyle...
The list can be extended indefinitely.

Sustainability is a principle of action for the careful use of resources, in which a lasting satisfaction of needs does not overburden the systems involved. The regenerative capacity of the cycles is maintained.

For a company, sustainability has several facets:

  • Ecological compatibility
  • Economic requirements
  • Social aspects

Reiss Kunststofftechnik GmbH acts sustainably:

Sustainability has been lived at Reiss Kunststofftechnik for years:

  • We source our raw materials from reputable manufacturers, locally if possible. Our partners work according to established quality and environmental guidelines. Raw materials of dubious origin are not used.
  • To avoid unnecessary CO₂ emissions from transport, we work with local partners wherever possible. We do not source any materials from the Far East!
  • All plastic waste, such as sprues or die edges, is collected by type, ground up and returned to the production cycle. Our internal recycling rate for plastics is > 95 %.
  • All our products are labeled and can therefore be separated by type and sent for material recycling or energy recovery.
  • We also offer the processing of bio-based plastics if it is technically feasible and ecologically sound.

Reiss Kunststofftechnik GmbH is:

Processing plastics is energy-intensive. Plastics have to be melted, shaped and then cooled down again. Nevertheless, compared with the production of steel or aluminum objects, plastics processing has a clear advantage in terms of energy.

The generation of energy from fossil sources produces CO₂. To keep our CO₂ emissions as low as possible, we observe the following points:

  • When purchasing new equipment, we select the most energy-efficient injection molding and thermoforming machines possible.
  • We use our production waste heat for heating.
  • We operate energy management with the aim of further reducing our energy consumption.

Our employees are the most important resource for driving sustainability in the company:

  • The fluctuation of our employees is extremely low. Thus, our employees benefit from the stability of the company and Reiss Kunststofftechnik from their comprehensive know-how.
  • Only with motivated and well-trained employees can a company be led into the future. That is why we pay our employees in line with the market and provide them with ongoing training.
  • Our production site is located in southern Germany. We live up to the high German employment standards. Questions about compliance with human rights, poor working conditions or even child labor do not even arise.

Environmental pollution due to uncontrolled disposal

Only 2% of plastics that enter the environment uncontrolled originate in Europe or the USA. The lion's share is generated in developing countries. Here, there is a lack of cycles and systems to collect and recycle plastic waste.

The bad reputation of plastic?

If each and every one of us does without any plastic packaging, the CO₂ saved can be used to do the following:

Eat a beef steak after 1 month

Going on a cruise for a week after 44 years

Driving from Hamburg to Cologne by car after 3 years

Flying from Frankfurt to New York and back after 57 years