Tool & Mold Making

In the area of mold & die making we are proud of our own design and mold production. If required, we also have the possibility to show you simulations by T-Sim or Mouldflow at any time.
In addition to additions, optimizations, maintenance and repairs, we also manufacture new molds using the latest

CAD, CAM and DND technologies are created. Since development, design and manufacturing are located in-house, we always have the possibility to make adjustments and improvements so that the tools and molds can be optimally used in the injection molding and thermoforming process.

Advantages Tool & Mold Making

  • Own construction & tool production
    Due to our own construction and tool production, special designs and individual customer requests can be considered directly in our company.
  • 3D printing
    The production of 3D models up to 270 x 200 x 210 mm is no problem with the help of the linear axis printer. This allows prototypes to be produced for demonstration purposes.
  • Tool cleaning using dry ice
    Stubborn dirt is iced, making greases, release agents and coatings brittle and simplifying the removal of dirt particles.
  • Processing simulation
    Simulations clarify the technical feasibility and performance of new products and processes in advance. In this way, the material potential can be exploited to the full and components and their processing optimized.

Tool cleaning by means of dry ice in production

Reiss Plastics Technology:

Tool & mold making from the experts

3D printing

The production of 3D models takes place before the actual tool and mold making. Using our linear axis printer with ball screw, 3D models up to 270 x 200 x 210 mm can be produced. These prototypes are used for visualization so that, if necessary, adjustments and optimizations can be made before the actual production of the tools and molds.