Injection molding

We process all common thermoplastic materials (e.g. PE, PP, PA, ABS, PS, SAN, ASA, PMMA, PC, PBT, TPE, TPO and many more) in-house. Whether mineral- or glass fiber-reinforced material, crystal-clear or colored materials - we offer holistic solutions for all common thermoplastics as well as experience in the processing of sustainable bioplastics.

Precision, quality and sustainability: this means plastics processing at Reiss Kunststofftechnik. The tools required for this can be designed, manufactured, maintained, repaired and modified on customer request in our own tool shop.

Injection molding from the expert

  • 14 injection molding machines
    A total of 14 Krauss Maffei or Arburg injection molding machines with 50 - 1300 T clamping force and a max. final weight of 2.4 kg are in operation for you between 5 and 6 days per week in 3 shifts.
  • Automation in the manufacturing process
    We build and integrate complex process-dependent automation in the manufacturing process according to the customer's requirements.
  • Toolcleaning
    Tool cleaning by means of dry ice in the clamped state takes place as a downstream process directly in production / tool maintenance.
  • Sustainable bioplastics
    We process common thermoplastics. In addition, we also have experience in processing sustainable bioplastics.

50-1300 tons injection molding machines

Reiss Plastics Technology:

Injection molding from the experts

Operations on the injection molding machine

Our injection molding machines are equipped with dew point controlled material drying via Motan Luxor A600 and gentle material transport via vacuum conveying. During the entire process, there is permanent monitoring of the humidity. For large quantities, we also offer silo storage.

A gravimetric ink metering system with percentage accuracy ensures perfect color results for your products. Just like material drying and material transport, color metering is also controlled by Motan equipment.

One process on the injection molding machine is handling for sensitive components or alternatively for sprues with direct grinding and, according to customer approval, renewed addition in production.

Injection molding production, insert molding and back injection of inserts, for example deep-drawn parts, aluminum trim, bushings or metal inserts, are carried out at our company including integrated downstream processes. This includes online printing as well as assembly, e.g. by hot caulking and press-fitting of bushings or rivet assembly. All these steps take place directly on the injection molding machine and can be designed according to customer requirements.

The milling of sprues and the milling of recesses are downstream work processes that are performed with the help of a compact 3D milling machine. The goal is a general sprue removal and a smooth structure for hygiene assurance, which is necessary for products for food production, for example.

Reiss Kunststofftechnik - Your Partner for Injection Molding

We manufacture prototypes and smaller pilot series from cost-effective single molds as well as large series from high-performance molds with optimum output.

Customized assembly of injection molded parts into complex assemblies is part of our manufacturing spectrum and can be designed according to customer requirements.