Regional for the world

Reiss Kunststofftechnik GmbH is located in the four-country region with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein on Lake Constance.
The region is characterized by the following synergies and innovations:

  • Economic strength & transport hub
  • Tourism & Tradition
  • Science & Education
  • Art & Culture
  • Sports & Nature Conservation

With mindfulness and sustainability into the future.

With success always in mind - more than three million people live, work and research here with a view of the lake, surrounded by orchards, vineyards and hop gardens - where others go on vacation.
Tettnang as a hop region and home of traditions such as the "Hopfensau", is located in the second row with an elevated view of Lake Constance and the neighboring countries, embedded in one of the largest fruit, vegetable and hop growing areas in Germany and not far from the flower island Mainau or vegetable and world heritage island Reichenau.

"Hello" from Germany

The central Lake Constance region represents a balance between a rural area as a sought-after vacation and residential region with attractive boundary conditions for a good working climate. Traditionally, innovative and well-known companies are located here and appreciate the advantages here. On the one hand, with Zeppelin and Dornier, cradle of int. aviation as well as Lindau with its annual Nobel Prize winners meeting, it is a place with visions for the future.

"Servus" from Austria

Austria is with the Vorarlberg the showcase region with the highest innovative power and numerous industrial companies in an appealing architectural ambience.

"Grüezi" from Switzerland

As a country bordering Lake Constance, Switzerland shines with economic strength. With IT networking & laptop between lake and mountains, it is one of the earliest industrialized and education-oriented environments in Europe.

"Hoi" from Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is considered an international financial center, but also a location of industry and trade for special products.

Reiss Kunststofftechnik GmbH
- regionally in the middle and for our worldwide customers, sustainably proactive.