Deep drawing

Deep drawing roller automatic machines

For technical applications and packaging, we process films from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm with top underform on our automatic reel machines. Common materials are ABS, PS or PET, which are also used for ESD applications. PS films can be produced on a roll extruder up to 2 mm in a variety of colors and this thanks to the melt pump with up to 100% regrind.

Ideally, operations such as forming, die cutting and stacking are carried out fully automatically on the three automatic reelstands. More complex processing is possible on an additional roll-D line with pre-blowing of the material. In addition, the components are stacked by means of handling robots.


  • Own extruder
    We use our own extruder for the production of roll material with priority on PS basis. This ensures high flexibility and variety of colors and designs. In addition, thanks to the addition of regrind, a favorable material price basis is possible.
  • Sustainable production
    The regrind and granules are recycled either directly by us or via our supplier.
  • Antistatic material
    In plastics processing, we also use ESD-capable material, dissipative or conductive, depending on the customer's application.
  • Renewable raw materials
    We have also gained extensive experience in the processing of renewable raw materials in the past.

Sustainable production with renewable raw materials

Reiss Plastics Technology:

Thermoforming from the expert

Quality inspection

In order to be able to present you with a flawless product, we carry out quality tests. This is done by online and offline ESD measurements.

Likewise, our quality standards include the production of our own thermoforming sheets up to 2 mm, in order to be able to guarantee a flawless product.